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The Wrong Mother - Charlotte Duckworth

Published by Quercus, Wednesday 14th December 2022

A year ago, the fates aligned when Faye met Louis on a dating app for people who want to co-parent. 39, single and living a reclusive life as a piano teacher - it seemed as though Faye had finally found a route to happiness, and the child she'd always wanted.

A year later - Faye is on the run with new-born baby Jake, desperately seeking refuge in a remote Norfolk village. Serendipity strikes for a second time when Faye finds Rachel - an older, benevolent landlady with a room to rent in her cottage.

But Rachel has secrets of her own, and as Faye's fear of Louis finding them feed her insecurities about being a good mother to Jake, tensions quickly rise.

Charlotte Duckworth's latest offering, The Wrong Mother, is perfect for fans of family-thrillers. It's dark, twisty and character driven - a fantastic read!

Opening chapters

The opening of the book delivers everything you want from a psychological thriller.

Dramatic prologue with a shattered skull? Check.

Extremely high-stakes? Well, Faye is fleeing with a very young baby, so - Check.

The burgeoning sense that nothing is as it seems? Check Check Check.

And actually, when I revisited the opening chapters to write this review, I was struck again by just how clever Duckworth's plotting and character creation is. She keeps you guessing, breadcrumb-dropping enough hints and enough details that an observant reader hooked.

Quite a character

I'm always an enormous fan of the multiple-POV novel - and Duckworth does this brilliantly. She also seems to sense exactly when we need a break from Faye's brittle, high-tension POV to something slightly more mellow, or a flashback to the past. This keeps the book pacy and tense, without ever feeling overwhelming.

I think the relationship between Faye and Louis in the flashback scenes is masterfully done. Faye's naivety is completely believable, and despite my knowledge of what the future would bring - I too was charmed by Louis and his effortless charisma.

At first I wondered whether Rachel's character - the elderly woman with a stringent attitude to cleaning - was something we've seen time and time before. I'm pleased to say I was wrong on this point - and Duckworth quite deliberately unravels the depth to Rachel's character as the book progresses.

Also, having read many books featuring dogs recently, as a cat person I was delighted!

Final moments

I really cannot say anything about the ending without unleashing major spoilers, so I'll just say that it was riveting and delivered several massive twists!

When I got to the final few chapters I was actually reading on my kindle, while walking to my mum's house, in the dark. I took an extra-circuitous route so I could squeeze in as much reading time as possible!

Highly recommend

I can only congratulate Duckworth on such a brilliant book - and will definitely be diving into her back catalogue now!

I've listened to a sample of the audiobook - I think it'd be a great listen.

Quercus is one of my go-to publishers for quality thrillers and they've certainly not missed the mark here.

  • Find it on Amazon here

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  • Find it at Waterstones here

I was given a free advanced-reader copy of this book, in exchange for a review.

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